Are You...
Wondering what’s for dinner tonight?
Tired of running to the store for just a few items?
Spending too much money on fast food?
Sacrificing nutrition for convenience?

Sit back, relax, and watch 21 meals cooked in a day!

Learn How To:
  • Select Recipes
  • Make a Cooking Plan
  • Anticipate Obstacles
  • Overcome Limitations
  • Setup Your Kitchen
  • Maximize Your Benefits you plan your own cooking day, tailored to fit your tastes and personal lifestyle.

Learn Clear, Easy Steps!

“Shelley has done what a book cannot...She has broken down the process of freezing meals into clear, easy steps and visually walks you through each. This is an invaluable resource.”

~Dyan McCamish,
Gresham OR

The 120 minute Efficient Kitchen video includes a bonus 50 page recipe supplement containing:

  • All the Recipes Cooked on the Video
  • Cooking Plan Details
  • Appliance List
  • Container List
  • Action List
  • Grocery List
  • Additional Resources

“My son, frustrated at my directions, once said to me, ‘How about if you just hold my hand so I’ll know where you are pointing.’ Now, with all the guidance Shelley gives on her video and the software to organize and create the lists I need, I have someone to ‘hold my hand’ all the way to my goals of healthy meals, on schedule, with time left over to really enjoy my kids.”

~Jill Cox, Weaverville, CA

Video Sample - Real Audio Visit for a free player...But you have to look carefully to find it.

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